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I love Western Outdoor News for their detailed coverage of local outdoor activities and for their ability to keep you up to date on everything that is going on around town. Their website is also a great resource for local information.

The website doesn’t say much about what happens on the day of the event, but it does include a photo of Colt showing up at the scene. It’s a great look at the town, but it doesn’t make the event seem like a good idea. There’s nothing like a photo of a good, healthy young man with a great physique as the first part of the story.

The website says the event takes place on a Thursday, but that doesnt mean the event is for everyone. It states that the event is only open to those between 20-50 years old, but that might just be for the safety and security of the Visionaries. While not every town has a Visionary run for their own pleasure, it’s a pretty safe bet that Colt wasnt looking for someone to kill. I think people should just forget about the website and focus on the event itself.

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