Have you ever heard the phrase, “a dog is man’s best friend?” Let me tell you from experience that that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth! After months of researching and deliberating over what kind of pet to bring into my home, I finally decided to get a dog. Little did I know that this decision would soon become my worst nightmare. 

From Unnecessary Vet Visits to Expensive Grooming Bills: The Costly Reality of Owning a Dog 

I was under the impression that bringing a pet into my home would be affordable. Boy, was I wrong! Not only do dogs require vaccinations and routine check-ups at the vet (which can cost hundreds or even thousands depending on your pet’s health), but they also require regular grooming, which can quickly put you back several hundred dollars each month. And if your pup has any medical conditions or dietary restrictions, watch out – those costs also add up quickly! 

Dealing with Disgusting Discharge and Other Nasty Habits 

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was having to deal with nasal discharge in my dog. It’s not like it is something you expect when owning a pet, but unfortunately, it is pretty common among many breeds – particularly those with short noses (such as pugs). Not only does this gross discharge make cleaning up after them more difficult than it should be, but it can also bring about other health issues if left unchecked for too long such as skin infections or inflammation.   In addition to dealing with nasal discharge in your pup, there are plenty of other nasty habits they may have which will add to your misery, including excessive barking/howling, digging through trashcans and chewing furniture/clothes/shoes, etc.

The Unbearable Messiness Involved in Taking Care of A Dog 

If there is one thing I despise about taking care of a dog, it’s all the messiness involved – from muddy paw prints all over my freshly mopped floors to hair everywhere (on furniture, clothes, and even food). And don’t get me started on all the slobbering – yuck! Even though some may find these things endearing, there are days when all these messes feel overwhelming and exhausting to clean up after. As much as people say dogs are “low maintenance” pets – trust me when I say they aren’t low maintenance at all! You will constantly be vacuuming fur off carpets and couches, wiping down walls for paw prints, and throwing out chewed-up items daily – talk about tedious work!   

The Frustrating Chewing Habits That Will Drive You Up A Wall 

One issue we have yet to discuss is dogs’ chewing habits ranging from mildly annoying to downright infuriating, depending on what they decide to chew on next (trust me when I say nothing is safe!). From shoes to furniture pieces, these destructive little creatures never cease their relentless chewing, no matter how hard you try to discipline them otherwise. Although buying chew toys can help alleviate some destruction around your home, nothing beats being able to time keep an eye on them. At the same time, they play so you don’t have any unwanted surprises waiting around every corner once they’re done playing.  

My Final Thoughts On Taking Care Of A Dog 

After going through this experience myself, here’s what I’ve come away knowing: owning a dog isn’t nearly as easy or fun as people make it seem, especially when factoring in costly vet bills, messy living spaces, perpetual destruction, and disgusting nasal discharge. So if someone ever comes along telling you how great owning a pet is, then take heed- because trust me -the reality doesn’t live up to expectations!


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