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The bad news bears are a popular story in the news at the moment. According to NBC News, the man who shot and killed three people in the back seat of a car in Tennessee has been charged with three counts of murder. The story has been on the news for some time now and has sparked a debate over whether these bears should be shot. Personally, I think the bears should be treated with some dignity and respect.

This is a tough one. It’s impossible to prove just how many bears there are in America, but anecdotally I know that there seems to be a lot of them. Also, according to the BBC, the man who allegedly opened fire in the Tennessee car accident was actually on vacation in Mexico, where the bears are not so prevalent. If anyone has any information on this story, I would totally appreciate it.

I would definitely feel more comfortable if bears were hunted and killed by people who are trained to shoot them. The only thing worse than living in a world where bears are slaughtered is living in a world where people are so afraid of them that they would even try to do something to make them stop.

I am in agreement. I would actually prefer if we don’t have bears in Tennessee.

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