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A good friend of mine recently did a tech writeup on the best type of car to go out with. He had a hard time deciding between the BMW Z8, Ford GT, and Porsche Panamera. It was a tough decision, but I think he ultimately got the three best cars because of their different capabilities.

The Z8 is a great car with great tech. However, I think the Z8 is over-engineered in the sense that it needs to be an open-roof vehicle. The GT is fantastic as a convertible, but the Z8 is better off as a fixed-seated, closed-roof, sports car. The Panamera is a fantastic car as well, but I think there’s a good reason the Panamera is made by Porsche.

There are many reasons why I’d want to buy a Panamera, but the only reason I feel like it is worth the price is because of its great tech (the Z8). I’d buy a Panamera because of that, but it would not be the Z8 that I’d feel most confident in owning. The Z8 is a great car with great tech, and there’s not a lot of difference between owning a Z8 vs. a Panamera.

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