What does this mean? Just that it was a simple mistake. I should’ve used the “Download” button before.

It’s a rare thing to run into where your browser’s auto-download feature doesn’t work. What it means is that Chrome’s download dialog doesn’t automatically download any files when you click “Open.

This is not a very common issue. Most browsers will only download files if you explicitly click the download link. That way, if you’re like me and have a bad internet connection, you can always just click the link in your downloads folder and it’ll get the files. However, if you’re like me, and your browser doesn’t have that feature, you will have to wait until it auto-downloads the file again. I hope this isn’t too painful.

It may not be that painful, but if you are like me, and your internet connection is really slow, you will have to wait for the download to complete to see what files you have. It’s like downloading a video from a website and not having the internet connection.

It’s also quite annoying that the files will never auto download again if you’re like me. I guess it works better if you use your browser’s cache, but it sounds like an easy fix.

I can understand why sifu wouldn’t auto-download, but that does not make the whole thing any less annoying. Instead, you can manually download the files by downloading the files from the website manually. I think it’s much more efficient and easy to use the browser cache, but I’m not an expert on it.

In other news, we have a new game coming out called Deathloop. What do you guys think? Will I like it? It is out now and you can pre-order the game on Amazon.com. It launches in the US on Steam on February 13.

As usual, you can get a pre-order bonus for pre-ordering via Amazon’s Amazon.com/Sifu-Link promotion.

The sifu link is pretty important since if you have a friend that can help you with downloads, you will get a bonus. This works the same as the preorder bonus at Amazon.com. If you order the Deathloop by Amazon.com before it’s available for pre-order, you will get the bonus when you preorder.

It is a bit of an odd little deal. You’re going to get a download link for the sifu anyway, you just have to buy the game when it releases. But if you preorder the game before it releases, you get the bonus. I guess if you buy the game and then wait to get the link, you just get the bonus.


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