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I did a screen share of my friends’ PlayStation 5 console this evening and I was surprised by how many people downloaded and played it. I think this is a good move for Sony, as it shows that people still have interest in the console and that more people are actually playing games. I think the next step is to release the game on the PS Store, where it will be available to the entire world.

Now that we’ve officially got the whole “We’re a gaming company and we’re now a gaming company” thing down pat, what happens next? Can the Sony website still link to the PS5 console? Well, the PS5 website was updated yesterday, and it appears the PS5 will now have a “store” page, which links to the console. This is a huge step forward for the PlayStation brand and will likely encourage more people to buy a new console.

Sony’s PlayStation Store site went live yesterday with a new page, a new storefront to link to the PS5, and a brand new page for the console. The new page features a new logo, a new brand, and two new images. The new storefront pages features a full-screen PS5 logo and a “The Playstation Store” banner with the words “PlayStation” and “PlayStation 5.

The new site is all about offering new features for the PS5 without compromising the original store. So instead of selling the console, you can now buy it and have the store updated with all the new features and a full PS5 logo. The store also has a new search function that links to the console’s store page. When you search “ps5,” you can find the new storefront and the console on the front page.

The new store was supposed to be in the works for a few months, but now that it is, I can’t wait to check it out.

The new site also has an updated search function that lists all ps5 games for sale. I can’t wait to check that out too.

The new Playstation console search doesn’t work too well for me. I can find the console and the game through the console search all I want. But it doesn’t link me directly to the console store, and my favorite games are not listed either. So I can’t use it to find my favorite games. Hopefully this will be fixed when the store is finished.


They should have included a way to search for the PS3 or PS4 games too. They should have made it easy to search by category. It would have been nice.

It seems that the search function would be much more useful if you can search by model or by console name, along with being able to search by game name, title, and version. But as far as I know, the search function is still not very useful for people who want to search by console name.


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