This is a picture of the power button that the PlayStation 5 has on it.

It is. The button is in red, and the text reads: the PS5 has power.

If you’ve been reading this far, you should know that this isn’t a real power button at all. It’s actually just a fake button. But it’s really cool because it’s something that we will never be seeing on a Sony console again.

Sony has already announced that this is what the PS5 will have on it, but the truth is that this button will never be seen again in a gaming console. The only time Sony will ever show you this one power button is if you are playing a game on the PS5. And even then, it will be hidden away somewhere on your device.

For the time being, you’ll have to use your mouse or use the PS button. But there is a small chance that you’ll get to use this power button a few more times, but even then it will be hidden away somewhere on your PS5.

The PS5 power button is a hidden area on the front of the console that will only be seen by a select group. This is to prevent someone from being able to use it to power up the console without using the power button. However, it should be noted that this power button is still more or less a mystery and for all we know, a few months have passed and this button has remained hidden.

After a few years of not being used, the PS5 seems to have gotten quite used to being button-locked. Some PS5 owners still have the power button locked, but a lot of them are just as unaware as we are of this power button being there. I still feel like this button should be more prominent, but it’s not.

I am not a huge fan of button lock, especially when it has no obvious benefit. But as a game developer, what the PS5 doesn’t tell you is that we are not the only ones who have this problem. We know of people who have the power button locked, but don’t realize how many more of us have forgotten how to turn it off. We know that the PS5 has a power button, but we don’t even know if the power button is actually there.

The power button is the button that allows you to use your console’s power (or power-saving mode if you’re on an older console). So it’s kind of like the “lock” button on a steering wheel, except we have to remember to turn off the power lock.

When Sony announced the PS5, they said that there would only be one power button on the console, which only works if your console is newer then the PS3. This means that the power button is actually pretty important to the console, so if you find yourself locked out of your console, you would probably have to go over to the game console to turn off the power.


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