I’ve always wondered why the ps3 is so expensive. Why, if the Playstation 4 was going to have the same specs as the Xbox 360, does it cost so much more? Well, the reason is that the 360 was designed for the mass market, and the Xbox 360 was built for the gamers. The Playstation 3 was built for the hardcore gamer, and the Xbox 360 was built for the hardcore gamer’s friends and family.

The 360’s unique selling point was the ability to stream games to your PS3. The 360’s successor, the PS3, actually works with the Xbox 360 through a USB cable, but that’s actually a good thing because it makes the PS3 more portable. The 360’s unique selling point was its ability to make a truly immersive game experience possible through the use of high-quality graphics and video.

Although the PS3 is a console, it actually doesn’t have the processing power of the 360 or the graphics capabilities of the Xbox. In fact, the PS3 is actually a bit ahead of the 360 in graphics capabilities, but it has a little less processing power. It can only output 720p resolution video, meaning you’re essentially playing an inferior version of Halo: Combat Evolved.

The PS3 is also a bit of a console laggard when it comes to audio quality. The audio is terrible at best, and the audio only uses a single speaker to drive the game. It does have a headphone jack, but it’s in the back of the system instead of the front. The headset itself is also ugly, and I think the design is just a bit of an eye sore after playing for so long.

The only problem the headset has is that it doesn’t have a headset jack. So you have to hook it up to your computer and download your own headset software. That’s going to cost you more than the headset itself, but you save a little money by going with the cheaper Sony version.

The Sony headset is far more comfortable, and it has a nice form factor for the PS3. It’s also far more expensive, but the Sony headset lets you play with your own 3D audio in VR, which is something that the standard PS3 headset can’t do. The Sony headset also has the added benefit of letting you use the PlayStation Camera, which is a great feature if you’re going to try to capture a screenshot or video in VR.

The other thing that the Sony headset does is make the PS3 seem like a more capable gaming platform. Its a great way to experience the game for yourself, in a way that you can’t with the standard PS3. The PS3 also has PS Move, which allows you to control your 3D avatar using your hands, a feature that the standard PS3 headset can’t do.

I mean, at least the Sony headset makes your PS3 feel like it has more to offer than just a gaming platform.

This is a very valid point. VR will make the PS3 feel like a more capable platform for gaming, but the VR headset does the same for the PlayStation 3. And it doesn’t take much time to convince a gamer that you can do this same thing for them on a computer to play a PC game, for instance.

It is a legitimate point. After all, a VR headset can be controlled by your hands, but the PS3 headset can only be controlled by your head. That makes it harder with the headset, since you are looking at your avatar, but it doesnt make it impossible. In fact, it might have quite the opposite effect.


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