This summer, I was so busy I forgot to take my camera with me. It was all a blur. Once I found the photo I was able to piece this together. It is pretty clear that once the roofer removed the old shingles, part of the home’s construction, new roofing, and waterproofing finished.

The new roof would have been put in by the end of last year, which is when the roofer finished. The new roof would be put in by the end of next year.

Which means that the old roof would have been finished in June, and that’s when the roofer finished. That would mean the roof would not have been put on for another two months. This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the leak started in April and was discovered in May. The new roof would have been put in by the end of June.

The leak starts in April and is discovered in May. Now, that’s one possibility. However, in our own test of this theory, we found that the leak started in June and was discovered in July. This is one possible explanation, and we might be able to test it further by getting in contact with the roofer.

The leak was discovered by the building’s roofer, and the roofer is no longer with the company. So, we cannot verify his claim. But this time it was discovered not in the summer, but in the fall so we can take it seriously. We will update this story as soon as we have any more information.

We were only able to find the leak because we had a contractor with us this summer. He was contracted to repair and replace all the roofs on the properties we visited. So, we can’t know if this leak was actually from the roofer or something else on the roof. But based on the current evidence, this seems like a very plausible explanation.

As we previously reported, last month we discovered the source of the leak in the roof of the house in the pictures above. The leak has since been removed, and is not yet replaced. This seems to be our first leak from the roof of a house, so we’ll update this story as we are able to do so.

What remains of the leak is still covered by the plastic covering on the roof. There is no sign of any damage, but we are still confident the leak is not the cause of the roof damage.

The leak could have been caused by something other than the damage to the roof, so we are keeping tabs on that possibility as well. We are still awaiting the official release of the roof’s new leak, so we can compare it with the leak on the pictures.

It’s also been a long time since we’ve seen a leak like this, so we are keeping an eye out for any potential other leaks. We are also happy to report that the leak on the pictures has now been fixed, so we can now confirm that it was a roof leak.


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