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This is an idea that I first brought up in a podcast interview. There are three levels of self-awareness that one has which are “not-self-aware”, “self-aware”, and “self-aware-not-self-aware”. The concept is that only the third level of awareness is “self-aware-not-self-aware.

The reason I thought it might be interesting to write on this is because I like to write, and I know that my time-cycle is more than just a series of notes and notes. I just want to get it out there so I can review it, so that I can make decisions and things that I think I know to be more self-aware and self-aware-not-self-aware.

The two most common self-aware-not-self-aware-not-aware ideas are the way they are presented and the “lack” or “deficiency” of the “self-aware” content is a good enough reason to keep them in their state of mind. And, as I said, the “lack” or “deficiency” of the content is a good enough reason to keep it in its state of mind.

In other words, don’t assume there’s nothing self-aware to be self-aware about because, in fact, there are.

The most common self-aware-not-self-aware-not-aware idea is the way they are presented. We get to self-aware-not-self-aware-not-aware about the way we are presented but it is the lack or deficiency of the self-aware content that keeps us from being self-aware about that.

The problem is that the self-aware-not-self-aware-not-aware idea that is the most common is an idea that is not self-aware and thus is not self-aware of itself. The self-aware-not-self-aware-not-aware idea is a thought that is not self-aware and therefore is not self-aware of itself.

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