I have had the controller for my ps4 for a few months now and it’s so annoying that it won’t shut off. I am so annoyed. But it’s not the controller itself that’s the problem – it’s the cable that connects it to my ps4.

The cable seems to have a small piece of plastic that sticks out of the back of the controller, which seems to be the part that actually turns the controller on. I have tried to pop them off before, but I dont think that I have done it yet. I have had this problem with my controller for a few days now. So I guess the answer is to just wait for it to fall apart. I hope.

You know we’re only five pages into this guide, and you’ve already had a major issue with your controller.

I haven’t had this problem on my ps3 controller, but I can’t be 100% sure it’s not that.

My ps3 controller broke the second I bought it, and was still in the box for quite some time. The broken part is no longer in the box, so I dont think Ive broken it. The controller itself did come off. It is still in the box, and Ive had to take it and clean it for a few days before I could get it back.

I’m really sorry to hear this is happening to you. This is the part of the guide that always gets me. I keep trying to get you to take it apart and put it back together, but youre not having this problem. You need to get a new controller.

My PS4 controller just won’t turn off, and Ive been trying to fix it for months now. I get it to shut down the same way you did but the problem is that sometimes the controller will keep playing the same sound for a few seconds at a time. The problem is, the sound doesn’t affect the game at all. When I go to shut down the controller, it just shuts down the game.

This is because the PS4 controller has the ability to store the sound of the game. When the game is in a paused state, the controller automatically pauses the game and turns off the sound. In other words, if you want to shut off your PS4 controller, you have to stop playing the game. This is something all new, unplugged, and unplugged, controllers can do, but you dont have to do it.

I am still on PS3, and my controller has a nice feature that lets me turn off the sound. However, I can’t do this on my PS4 controller, because it doesnt have the same feature. I would have to turn off the sound by physically removing the top cover to the controller.

While it may seem like a minor issue, the fact is that it is a problem. And what’s more, it’s a problem that many gamers are having, and it’s probably a problem that you will have as well. The problem is how people find out about it.


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