In this episode of the new daily news, former president, and former state senator, John Glenn, discusses his time in the White House and his later years in politics after his service.

Glenn was president of the United States for four years from 1978 through 1982. He was re-elected to that office two years later. He is also a former state senator from Ohio for three years before that.

Glenn was an avowed liberal, who opposed Nixon’s policies toward the Soviet Union and wanted to see the Soviet Union punished for its crimes. He had a very public battle with Richard Nixon over this in the 1980s and never forgave him for it. During his first term, he got a reputation for being a heavy snarky guy, but that seems to have mellowed out now that he’s been president.

He also supported a gay rights amendment to the constitution. He was also a member of the House and Senate from both houses of the state legislature. There was a lot of controversy over this when he was first elected, but he is now considered one of the most liberal members of any legislature in the state.

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