The Lancaster News is a one of a kind weekly newspaper that publishes stories from all over the county. It’s a great look into the daily life of Lancaster County.

The Lancaster News has been around for over 100 years and has had a lot of different owners. It is the oldest newspaper to ever exist in Lancaster County.

What makes the Lancaster News so unique? The newspaper is one of only two papers in the United States to cover the entire course of the Civil War. The other paper is The New York Herald Tribune, which covers the Civil War, but is located in New York City. For decades the two papers have covered the same story, but with different perspectives. The Lancaster News is not only the oldest newspaper in Lancaster County, but it is the only paper that covers the full length of the Civil War.

The Lancaster News also does a lot of historical reporting. Many of these stories are from the newspaper’s archives and will be included in the upcoming book, The Civil War: the Long, Long Trail.

Lancaster News has a couple of interesting stories that relate to the upcoming book. One is the story of a young Civil War veteran named David Porter who was an artillery major and his wife named Charlotte who were both killed in the War. David was only 28, and Charlotte was about 13.

The story of David Porter also tells us that he was a brilliant young officer in the Civil War, and was given a commission to a General’s staff. This is especially interesting because General George Stoneman, who was the governor of Virginia, was a great friend of David Porter’s and later became one of his closest friends in the future.

That’s it, that’s all you need to know about David Porter. But we do have a good bit more information to share, including the fact that both Charlotte and David Porter’s parents were named Lancaster. That’s how they were married, and that’s where the news is from.

Charlotte Porter was born in North Carolina and grew up in the town of Lancaster. In the 1960s she moved with her father, David Porter, to the small town of Blountstown, Virginia and became an actress. She was the daughter of a prominent Lancaster family, and her parents had an illustrious history in that area. They were both involved in the Civil War and a local legend has it that one of their family members, the local patriarch, was the legendary Confederate General David Porter.

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