The feeling of being in love can be joyful and bliss. However, relationships need constant effort in order to work. When either of the partners stops putting in effort, the relationship can take a different turn. This is one of the reasons why it is crucial to work on improving your relationship with your partner the right way. 

Remember, there are not always rainbows and sunshine. The clouds of storm can run in your head, which is why tackling the situations and working together with your partner can be better. Besides, you can always consult a professional Oklahoma City counseling service who can also be of significant help in navigating the tough times. 

1. Remember, it is never you vs your partner. 

Arguments are a part of relationships, but during such moments, it is important to remember that it is always the problem vs you both instead of going against each other. Fight the problem rather than your partner. 

2. Keep communication clear. Always. 

Communication is the number one key to any relationship. Always try to communicate to your partner about your feelings –good or bad. In addition, allow them to communicate with you. 

3. Put honesty above everything. 

Be honest with your partner and encourage them to do the same. Even though the situation might be difficult, always be honest with your partner. 

4. Plan dates and quality time together. 

Just because you have been with your partner for years does not mean they would not expect you to spend quality time together. Actively plan out dates and quality time with your partner. This could be as simple as watching a movie together, going out for lunch, listening to music, etc. 

5. Always be a listener before a speaker. 

No matter how much you feel like speaking or opposing your partner when they are saying/doing something wrong, try to be a listener first. We often tend to be a speaker, which makes them feel bad about not letting them speak. In order to make them feel heard, always be a listener. 

6. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. 

Your partner is supposed to be on your side through your happy and sad moments. If you are sharing the happy moments with them, share your sad ones too. Do not think twice before apologizing to them after you get into an argument. This also makes your partner feel trusted with your vulnerability. 

7. Embrace individual interests 

Although it might not interest you, never devalue your partner’s interests. Encourage them to follow their hobbies and support them throughout without expecting. 


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