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The hi-flying electronics company has released a new video with a catchy title: “Hi-flying Technology”. This video has a pretty cool feel to it, but it also shows off their current products.

The video starts with a brief introduction about the company’s history and how they became such a success. Then, they show off a few of the products in their line. There’s a flight control and navigation system, a remote powered parachute, and an electric helicopter.

The flight control and navigation system is a pretty neat little invention. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries and has a built in GPS and a built in IR sensor. The battery can be recharged and used for extended periods of time, so you wont have to carry around more than a few rechargeable batteries. This is a pretty cool product, especially since the GPS is pretty accurate and the remote will make it easy to use it as you fly.

The first time I heard about a remote powered parachute, I thought it was some kind of toy that could be used to jump into a lake from a boat. The technology is pretty much just what it looks like: a parachute that is fully powered up and can be used to land on the water surface using the remote control.

This product also comes with a big “G”. It is a remote controlled parachute. The parachute is powered up and ready to go when you press a button and it will automatically deploy and take you to the surface of the water.

The company is called Hi-Fly Aviation LLC. And yes, it is one of those companies that are trying to make a big splash with their new product. The remote-control parachute is a little more than a toy, though. It is actually a lot more capable than the typical remote-controlled parachutes that most consumers are used to.

Hi-Fly’s demo video was a little confusing and the product looked way too much like a remote-control toy. But it was very exciting to see the technology they are trying to make come to life, and we can’t wait to try it out ourselves. You can read the full review here.

The remote-control parachute is an advanced technology that is able to hover over a subject in mid-flight and then release a powerful stream of electricity which will accelerate the parachute to its maximum speed for as long as 3.5 seconds. This is done with a remote controller and can be controlled with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

The parachute is based on the remote control concept, but it is definitely a new form of remote control. We’ve also seen remote control parachutes before, and the principle is the same. However, this is one of the newest types of parachutes due to its ability to move with the subject and even hover over it.

This is the first parachute we’ve seen that can move with a subject. This is due to its remote controller concept, which is similar to that of a car remote control. However, this is a new type of remote control that can move with the subject, allowing for some very interesting effects. We’ll see more of this in the future.

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