In case you were wondering what happened in the city of Fresno, California, during the recent police shooting of Eric Garner, the media is full of stories about what could have happened had the shooting not taken place. Apparently, some of the police officers had a drug problem, so they used a stun gun to break the man’s arm. The incident happened on June 17th, 2016, and people are still asking about it, and what kind of drugs they could have had in their system.

It turns out that all the shootings in the city of Fresno happened on a Sunday night, and the police officers were trying to kill them. The story started during the middle of the night, but it got out of hand by the time the police officers arrived, and they were all killed.

Some of the officers in the story were clearly trying to kill their own, but others were just trying to kill others. It’s hard to say which officers were acting on revenge, but it does say something about how Fresno has a violent drug war going on, and how police officers are just trying to kill people. The Fresno Police Department, if you’re wondering, is a pretty bad organization.

With Fresno being a large city, it must have some violent drug wars going on. One would assume that that would spill over into crime, but the police have their hands tied by the drug lords and other gangs that are trying to kill them. That said, there are a lot of good officers in the department, and I have to say that Fresno is one of those cities that has very bad, but not nearly as bad as some of the other places I have lived.

I guess it’s no surprise that Fresno is such a dangerous place. I mean, its not like there are a whole lot of good cops in the entire state.

The police department of Fresno is one of the bad places in the state, but I’d say it’s not quite as bad as places like LA, or even Denver. You might think Los Angeles is a bit of a monster, but I think the cops in Los Angeles handle themselves pretty well. It’s not like there’s a ton of bad cops in LA either.

I’m not sure you can really call Fresno a bad place. It’s not as bad as some of the other places I have lived.

Its not as bad as you think. Its the cops that try to do all the bad things. If you think its bad, go check out some of the other bad places in the state.

Fresno is a big city, and it has quite a few bad police officers. But its also has a lot of really great cops, because they are the best in their field, and the ones who have been through it and seen what the world is really like. It is a great place to live because of the people who live there, and its also the place most of the bad cops are from. Most of the bad police officers in Fresno are from the same agency as the ones you know.

Not only are the police officers in Fresno better than most, but the cops that have been through it and see what the world is really like are from the same agency as the ones you know. This is a common mistake, people think they can just go get their badges and start taking it out on people, but this isn’t really the case. The police that you know aren’t all the cops you would think.

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