I’ve been playing video games since my childhood, and never stop. I remember the first Mario game I ever purchased being this big, colorful, and incredibly fun mini-game, which I had in play-station 2 when I was six-years-old. I spent hours playing it with my friends, and my brother and sister loved it too. I learned to love them and my friends’ games, and I still do.

Ive been meaning to get into games of late. I’ve wanted to play something with a story for a while, and lately I’ve been really excited to get into the new Tomb Raider reboot. I still haven’t gotten around to it though.

Ive been meaning to get back into video games for a while, but Ive only really been able to do that since the new Tomb Raider reboot. Ive just been too busy to get into it. I am very excited to finally get into it this time. So far Ive only played Tomb Raider, and Ive only recently started playing the recently announced Dynasty Warriors 4. I really really like those games, but I am also really excited to play the new Tomb Raider reboot.

I have been wanting to get into video games for a long time even longer. Like I said before, Ive been meaning to get back in. Ive been doing a little bit of gaming lately but have been on my own. Not much else. Ive been wanting to play Tomb Raider again. It has been a long time since Ive taken anyone to a game with me. It might not be quite as good as a new game, but it may as well be.

The Tomb Raider franchise is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Like I said, it has been a long time since Ive taken someone to a game with me. I think I was around four or five. I remember when I was an infant and we would all sit up in the living room and watch the Super Bowl together. I remember thinking the games would be cool, but I really just wanted to sit and play.

I was pretty good at that. I remember sitting out on my front porch with my mom and my sisters and just figuring out things. I remember having a ton of questions and just figuring out things. I was way better at that than I was at playing video games. I remember making plans and figuring out what I was going to do. I never really had to think.

I always thought that video games were for kids. I remember playing ‘Street Fighter 4’ with my brother when I was, like, 5. I remember playing ‘Fallout 3’ with my sister when I was, like, 11. I think I was always like, “I’m not a kid. I’m a grown up.” I didn’t think that much about how cool it would be to have the whole world just be my house.

My dad used to beat me senseless with the controller with no care that I was playing games. I think his favorite game was the game he used to play as a kid. He would play it all the time. I think he was like playing it with me.

It’s funny but I think I always thought I was too much of an adult to play games.

Even as a kid, video games were a big part of my life. I had a friend who used to just play every game on the shelf. I think he would try to play one game on one controller and not give it my attention. I think he was so immersed in the game that he would just go to sleep.


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