While this is not a surprise to anyone who’s ever tried to watch a movie on a blu-ray player, it’s a huge blow for blu-ray.com. In the past, blu-ray.com’s main purpose was to link people with movies for rent. Now, though, they are in the midst of a move into online streaming, and it will be some time before it can provide the same service.

The good news is that we don’t think the service will ever go away. The bad news is that we think the service is going to die very, very soon.

We had just the opposite reaction to the service’s recent move to streaming. While we were told that the service would go live this summer, we think blu-ray.com is going to die a very slow, painful death. Blu-ray.coms CEO told us back in March that the service was going to be around for a long, long time. Now, though, we’re not so sure.

blu-ray.com is one of the better streaming services out there. Not only are they able to stream a very large catalog of movies, but they also allow you to stream your own personalized playlists. You can also watch a very large amount of movies in standard definition and with subtitles. Plus, the service does have a mobile app for Android and iOS.

When we first heard about blu-ray.com, we thought it was going to be a great deal for consumers. In reality, it’s a terrible deal. Blu-ray.com is basically just a streaming service that wants to make money off of you. It charges $10/month for a single BluRay. The company’s website shows that they have a catalog of more than 1,000 movies to stream.

Blu-ray.com has a catalog of more than 1,000 movies. This isn’t just a catalog. It’s a catalog that includes one movie for each of its many categories, and each movie in its catalog has a price point of $9.99. So for a standard definition movie that costs $9.99, you’re paying $9.99 for a movie that has to be streamed over blu-ray.

The company has made a lot of money off of people, but they are not a company that wants to make you money. They sell you movies, but they charge you for them. It makes no sense. They are making a lot of money from Blu-ray. They should just offer us the same thing.

Blu-ray is an actual format, and so most people (not just the ones that read this article) probably know what a blu-ray is. Blu-ray is essentially a standard Blu-ray movie format designed for use with a HD TV, and that’s the format we should be playing our Blu-ray movies in.

Blu-ray is the format that allows you to stream your movies on demand. So if you are not watching it on a big screen, you can watch it on your TV in any room in your house. It also supports full-hd movies, which is pretty cool. There are a number of high-resolution blu-ray discs out there, but the only ones that I have seen with high-resolution are the ones with 3:2 aspect ratios.

I know its not a big deal, but I still prefer to stream my movies on my big screen, not have to deal with all the extra stuff that comes with digital media. That said, I’ve seen some pretty impressive Blu-ray discs. I hope Blu-ray.com is back up.


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