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I’m going to assume that the “berlin” in this title refers to the city of Berlin and not the brand of beer that we like to drink. And, of course, the health and rehab that we are referring to is the rehabilitation and/or recovery of a person’s physical and mental health.

And, if we’re being honest here, we should probably be careful with the word rehab, which tends to be associated with substance abuse and mental health problems instead of physical and mental health problems. For example, you can find rehab facilities that are actually for alcoholics and drug addicts, not physical or mental health problems. I think the reason why we’re going to use this word is because we’re not going to say “rehabilitate”.

We should probably also be careful with the word health, because it has a very specific definition, and we should probably not use it outside of a health care facility. If you are a person who is on a liquid diet, for example, you should probably be careful what you say. The word health generally refers to your body, not your mind.

A rehab center is a place where you get the treatment, not a hospital or a doctor’s office. You are not there to get healed or to treat an illness. You are there to get your life back together. There are many different types of rehab centers, some of which have different names, but they are all similar, they all do the same thing. Rehab helps people get back on track with their lives.

The main points of a rehabilitation center are: 1) to get a doctor to get you back in shape and 2) to get you back in shape and 3) to get back in shape and 4) to get back into shape. The main thing that people who are not in a rehab center fail to realize is that they get back on track with their lives.

Bergen is a city in the north of the city of Bergen, Norway, about a half hour outside Bergen. Bergen is the capital of Bergen County, and it’s the seventh largest city in Norway. The city is divided into six boroughs: Bygdøy, Tønsberg, Jernbanetorget, Lillestrøm, Kvinesdal, and the island of Stora Enso.

There are different types of rehab centers and each of these types has different treatment programs, but there are some general principles behind the different types of programs. First, there are those rehab centers that give you a chance to work on your own personal recovery. These are the ones that offer you things like personal training, personal fitness, and other programs that are geared towards working to improve your life. Next, there are those rehab centers that are a fully professional group of professionals.

What makes these different than the other rehab centers is that they work on a team, rather than in a room. There is a process that takes place, and there are professionals who make sure that the team works together. The professionals also make sure to take care of the addicts themselves, so they are able to live in society and not become part of the problem.

The rehab centers are very different from traditional rehab centers in the sense that they are much more like a business. Most of the time the people who work there are also the people who treat the addicts. In some programs, the professionals are also the addicts themselves. It’s common for the same person who treats the addicts to also become the person that takes care of the business.

We’re trying to make a point here.

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