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It’s no secret that Vest-Style Immobilization Devices are typically used to stop seizures.

But did you know they also come in a variety of colors?

If you’re new to the seizure game, make sure you choose the right color vest for your specific needs.

For patients who have a history of seizures in the last year or two.

Are experiencing seizure symptoms now: You need to wear red. Red is for emergency use only.

Patients with an epilepsy diagnosis or other known medical condition may also choose this color vest.

If they’re involved in any patient safety work that requires them to stop someone from moving during a seizure.

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People over age 18 without a history of seizures can purchase a black immobilization device.

Usually used for transportation purposes such as being carted off after head trauma (we hope never).

Whoever is wearing it will need help getting up by people around him/her when done; don’t push yourself while wearing one! A staff member at your local hospital might be.


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