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The need for information is endless.

When we can’t find the answer to our question, we often turn to a search engine like Google or Yahoo!

This article will discuss how you can create satisfying and complete results in order to fully meet the needs of your query.

Keywords: Search Engine Optimization

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The purpose of this keyword density is so when someone searches their specific term they come up as one of the top search result pages for that term.

To do this well, first identify what terms would make sense on your web page based on keywords related to the content, products and services offered by your company/website.

Each website page should have a keyword density that is optimized for the targeted phrase/s and synonyms related to them.

For example, if your website sells pet supplies there are multiple phrases you would optimize:

“pet food”, “dog collars” (collar), etc… You need to understand what terms people use when searching on Google, Yahoo!

Bing or another search engine so you can develop content around those words.

The purpose of this optimization tactic is so the top results in search engines will be pages with information about your products .

Services instead of lower-ranked sites offering little value besides advertisements.

One way to do this well is by including keywords throughout text content without overdoing it-every sentence shouldn’t include all.


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