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A sailboat is underway in the fog.

What sound signal should you hear?

This piece of music, by Robert Erickson and John Cage, was written for a three-channel tape composition called “Three Dances”.

The first dance is called “The Sailboat is Underway in the Fog”.

It consists of six movements that are each 10 minutes long.

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The first movement is described as “a sound of the boat’s keel, bow wave and propeller in the water.

This sound may be heard from a distance or close at hand.

The sound will vary with variations in speed, depth and direction.”

In this dance, you hear these sounds growing closer to your ear until they are right up on top of you before moving away again.

Guided only by the noise around them – than listening to “Three Dances”.

And that’s just one piece of music! 


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