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You’re ready to get your hands on the perfect car.

You’ve got a plan, you know all the details and it’s time to steal that baby.

But wait, what about those pesky alarms?

Here are eleven easy steps for how to steal a car without triggering any alarms!

car, traffic, man @ Pixabay

Park as close to the car as possible, and don’t worry about scraping your bumper.

Pop the driver’s side door open with a knife, or by pushing it from inside if you’re an expert at breaking into cars.

The car will be alarmed so now is the time to unplugged that pesky battery cable!

Find your way in through any window of choice (preferably one on the passenger’s side). Push out all panels around the said window until they break off.

Now here comes the trickiest part: starting up this baby without setting off alarms again!

The solution? Find a wire connecting both sides of the engine bay together (#13), and use tweezers to cut it with sharp.


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