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An old, worn number 58 jersey is the only thing that remains of a former player’s career.

It hangs in the locker room as a reminder to all those who wear it, and an inspiration to those who don’t.

For one man, this jersey was more than just his uniform; it was his identity.

He wore it every time he stepped out on the court until he retired from basketball for good at age 35.

When you’re done reading about how this special number became so important to one person.

We’ll tell you something even more amazing.

You can be like him too! Explore this post here.

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The number 58 is important to one player because it was his jersey number during most of his career and he wore it every time he stepped on the court until he retired at age 35.

This article tells you about how Nike became interested in designing a new shoe for him that would be called “Air Jordan” after his nickname.

About what happened when Michael Jordan made an appearance with other basketball players from around the world immediately following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; and more!

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