A rectangular plot of farmland will be bounded by a long, straight fence on all sides. The ground is flat and even, with no bumps or dips in the surface. One corner has been cleared to make room for a small house, which sits on its own foundation set into the ground. A driveway curves around from one side of the house to meet up with a paved road that runs parallel to one edge of the property’s boundary line. The following content was created using this example: Farmland plots are often used as an investment opportunity for those looking for safe places to store their money without risking too much capital and still being able to earn interest over time. Farmland plots often have a rectangular shape, which makes it easy to build fences around them and divide up the land evenly. This is important because while crops will grow in any type of soil or climate, they need room to spread out across the ground if possible. A long-straight fence that reaches from one end of the plot all the way back to its opposite corner helps provide animals with grazing space on either side without letting them get too close to each other’s feeding areas. A small house sits at one edge of this particular property. It has been built entirely off site so as not disturb what was there before: an even square for farming purposes only. The driveway curves around from one side of the house, then continues along


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