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Electrical fields are a common feature of our lives, but one that many people don’t think much about.

However, if you’re working with electricity or electronics.

Then it’s important to understand how electric fields work and the dangers they pose.

In this article I’ll be talking about the basics of electrical field theory as well as some practical applications for engineers in industry today.

Electric Fields and You – Electrical currents can vary from 100 milliamps to tens of amps, with power usually measured in watts.

A typical house hold current is 110 volts at 15 amps.


nuclear power, atom, atomic nucleus @ Pixabay

The higher the electrical voltage (measured in volts).

The greater amount of energy available for use by appliances a proton .

Where it’s being accelerated or decelerated along a path determined by its charge and mass.

When we’re working near high voltages we need to be careful about what might happen.



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