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A preventable collision is one in which you failed to do everything __ to avoid it.

This sentence can be interpreted in many ways, but in this blog post.

We will explore the idea of preventing collisions through the use of reflective materials and equipment.

crash, car, car crash @ Pixabay

One way that a driver may fail to avoid a collision with another vehicle is by not using their turn signals .

Or just driving without thinking about what they are doing on the roadways around them.

This type of failure does not happen all at once – there have been numerous instances.

When someone had made up their mind that they wanted to make an unsafe move and then did so without any thought for other drivers who could be affected by such actions.

Some people don’t believe that anyone should have to slow down for another person.

Which is why they make these types of decisions.

There are some steps that can be taken in order to avoid collisions when driving. 



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