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No matter what the size of your company, you have to be able to communicate with your employees and customers.

A PowerPoint presentation can help you deliver a dynamic, professional-looking message to an audience.

But if it’s poorly designed or just plain boring, no one will want to watch it.

Here are some tips that will make sure your next presentation is engaging and effective!

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How to Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation: The Essentials -Choose the right background.

A beautiful, professional-looking image is key for grabbing your audience’s attention from the beginning of your presentation.

If you need some ideas, do an image search on Google Images or check out Flickr Creative Commons Search.

You can also use images in creative commons from sites like Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay; just be sure to attribute them appropriately!

A good rule of thumb is that if you are presenting a serious topic, choose a black background with white text (or vice versa).

For lighter content, try using softer colours such as light blue or green against either white or dark backgrounds. And never underestimate the power of colour.


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