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The sea remembers, but humans forget.

We create structures on the shoreline that will eventually be washed away by waves and tides.

With time, we build up new structures in different places to suit our changing needs.

As we move from one place to another, the memory of where we once were fades.

Yet it stays there beneath the surface of what is now a familiar landscape.

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In the poem “The Sea Remembers” by Derek Walcott, he talks about the sea as a place that remembers what humans forget.

The human constructs on shorelines are washed away with time and tide while memories of where they once were fade.

As we move to new places our memory fades too but it remains beneath surface change in familiar landscapes.

I think this is important for me as an artist who makes things from recycled materials.

Because there always must be something left behind after one project is complete in order for another one to begin.

This speaks more generally to how much we rely on water—both metaphorically and practically—during times of transition, transformation, or sorrow–as well as during times of rejuvenation or happiness.”


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