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I am Mike Callahan, and I have been an avid competitor my whole life.

Whether it is a game of football or chess, I always find myself wanting to win at all costs.

When we were kids playing games in the back yard, there was usually one player who would get so upset when they lost that they would yell at the other person for making a bad call.

This type of competitive spirit can be both good and bad depending on how you use it.

In this blog post I will discuss what competitiveness means to me .

Give examples about when having this type of spirit can lead to success or failure in your life as well as business world.

In my opinion, the competitive spirit is a type of energy that people either have or don’t.

You are either born with it or not and you can never really develop it through anything other than just living life and being around others who also possess this trait.

As I mentioned before, competitiveness can bring out both good points such as ambition to succeed in life.

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But on the flip side it has been known for causing many tough times because often someone will always feel like they need to win at all costs .

Even if sometimes that means doing something illegal or hurting somebody else.

I am proud of what I do when I play football whether we win or lose. It�s part of playing sports �winners keep winning while losers keep


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