ps3 is the best because it has more features and games. Also, you can play those games that you’ve already downloaded.

Xbox 360 is the best because you have it. But if you already have ps3, you have to do some extra work to get it because it can only be used for one thing.

The only things you’ll need to do to get your hands on a ps3 are to get a new one, sign up for a ps3 online account, and download a few games. The Xbox 360 is more than enough for most people.

The good thing about Xbox 360 is that you can play all the current Xbox 360 games without having to pay for an online account. This is especially true for the indie games that are popular because they don’t have a lot of online play. You can get an Xbox360 for free if you already have a ps3. But if you don’t, you can still get it for free.

I’d like to give a simple example of why this is: With most games, you can purchase some extra content that you wouldn’t necessarily want to play if you were already playing without the extra content. For example, I could buy a new Xbox 360 for $200 and that would give me all the games I’d want. However, I wouldn’t want to because I’d have to play them all the time.

One of the most powerful things about Xbox Live is that you can now buy games that you did not play on Xbox Live. As an Xbox owner, if you were to go out and buy a game that was not on Xbox Live, you can still play it on your Xbox 360. It’s a lot more convenient.

Xbox Live is great for two reasons. First it gives you a way to play games you didn’t have to buy on Xbox Live and second it gives you a way to buy games you have played on Xbox Live. You no longer have to buy everything in one sitting.

This is a great benefit, but it is also a bit of a drawback. Xbox Live is not a game store. It does not sell the same games, and its really only useful in a specific context. We all know that a game for Xbox Live may be a game for Xbox. A game you have played on Xbox Live might be a game for Xbox. But that does not mean that you can buy it on your Xbox 360.

The problem is that buying a game on Xbox Live is not an automatic sale. You can buy a game for Xbox Live and have it on your Xbox 360. But it does not mean you can go out and buy the game with your Xbox 360.


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