The business world has been moving away from these “tasks” and toward a “process.” The definition is still a bit nebulous, but one key element is “process.

This is a very popular definition in the IT world because the idea is actually pretty similar to what we see in organizations all around us. Processes are often defined as “the means by which things are done or planned to be done,” a process is a method or sequence of procedures, and a process is a way of doing things.

And this is where the whole concept of process comes in. In the business world, processes are everywhere. They have no borders; they are everywhere. We don’t use the word process in the same way we use the word process in the IT world, because for the most part, process is the same in both environments. But the concept behind process in the IT world is slightly different because there is a difference between a process and a workflow.

In the IT world, a process is a way for an executable program to be performed, whereas in the business world a process is just that, a set of actions that are performed.

In the business world we talk about a workflow as a set of rules, a series of steps that are applied to a set of inputs and outputs.

Business processes are actually pretty similar to software development processes in that they are a series of steps that are performed over multiple inputs and outputs. The most common differences between business process and development process are how inputs and outputs are used, and how inputs and outputs are related. For example, in a software development process, the inputs are the software itself and the outputs are the documentation that the software produces.

Business processes are something that almost every business has in common with software development. In fact, many software development concepts can be used to help build a business.

Business processes are the processes that make your business run. Whether they’re internal processes inside your business or processes shared between multiple departments, they are the thing that make your business go.

Business processes are created by business people. They are tools that allow the business to function. In business, you need to have processes that work well for everyone: your customers, your suppliers, your employees, your partners, your shareholders, and all of the other stakeholders. The types of processes that work well for each group are different, but the basic form is the same: a set of procedures that are defined, documented, and agreed upon.

That said, what are the types of processes that people tend to use for different kinds of businesses? There are two main types of business processes: procedural and data-driven. Procedural processes are defined and agreed upon in advance. They are the ones that are executed on a regular basis to ensure that your business is functioning and is doing what it is supposed to do. Data-driven processes are defined and agreed upon during the planning stage of the process.


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