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The first stimulus news update of the day, which is from a guest speaker and fellow blogger, Elizabeth Linn. Elizabeth is the owner of A Place for Your Thoughts, a place for thoughtful and thought-provoking content. She is in the process of launching what she hopes will become a nationally syndicated blog.

She’s making the most of the opportunity to speak at our conference, and she’s giving us a preview of what’s coming in the form of her speech. She’s going to be doing a deep dive into the science of distraction, something that’s a big theme in the field of psychology, cognitive psychology, and learning. She’s going to talk about why distraction is such an important part of learning and why we should all be a little bit more aware of what we’re doing and why.

Stimulus news is always a great time to share your own experiences and insights about the science of distraction and how it applies to learning. We’ll also be posting the video of the speech and the transcripts from an interview we did with Shes at the conference.


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