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The meme of this week involves a man in a white shirt who is wearing the shirt of a woman. The woman is sitting on a bed wearing a black shirt. The man says to the woman, “You are wearing the shirt of a woman?” The woman replies, “Yes.” The man then says, “Oh, it’s you…I thought I recognized you from somewhere.

The man’s shirt is actually his wife. And yes, his wife is wearing a shirt of a woman in a white room. And yes, its you.

It’s the meme of the week because of the weird coincidences. If you go to www.SonyMeme.com, you can check out this weird story about how a man found his wife in a white room.

In a normal day, I would have been too busy with work to check out Sony’s website. The fact that they came up with a meme that goes hand in hand with a bizarre coincidental discovery is pretty amazing. I know that this is just a single site and that there are numerous other sites that do the same thing, but it definitely seems like something that the internet is capable of.

One of the more interesting things about the meme is that it doesn’t seem to have any obvious link to the man’s original discovery. It’s an eerie coincidence that someone would stumble upon his wife in a white room after years of trying to convince themselves that she was still alive and well. But if you look closely, you can see a couple of links that connect to the discovery.

Some of the most interesting links are ones that point to the original site of the discovery. For example, if you look at the first link, it points to a page on one of the original sites that had links to the original site. This site does not link back to any of the other sites, but I noticed that other sites seem to have links to this site as well.

The idea of the discovery has been around for a while. It’s probably older than that, however. I remember when I looked at a map of the top of my home town and found out that the one street that I didn’t live on was actually on the edge of the town. I remember thinking that it was strange that someone would build something on the edge of the town on the spot where the town didn’t really exist.

Not that it’s a problem, but I think it’s possible that the same might be true for the links in our site’s home town. The idea that someone would build a house on the edge of a town, and I would be stuck on it, probably has a basis in some of our other theories. A friend of mine had actually been living in the same house in the same house in the same town, and she also had her own house on the edge of the town.

We are all prone to the same thought. A lot of the time, our thoughts are in a sort of spiral that will end up in a cycle, or a loop, or a time loop. We think about things. We don’t think about them. We’re just thinking about them. Then, when we realize that we have no idea how we got there, we go back to the spot where we thought we did and we figure it out.


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