Samsung Electronics and Microsoft together Launched Galaxy XCover Pro

Samsung, in partnership with Microsoft, introduced its all new Galaxy XCover Pro, on Sunday. This smartphone will have a push-to-talk button that will be responsible to initiate chats using Microsoft’s Teams app. Galaxy XCover Pro is a joint effort by two tech giants to reach in the hands of workers spending their time in navigating airplane cabins, hospital hallways, and supermarket aisles.

After Apple, Samsung has become the second-largest brand in the U.S. by building its lead with the help of enterprise functionality. Microsoft on the other hand has ditched its smartphone operating system and handsets. However, it still has a major share in mobile through its cloud-based Office suite which includes PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Teams.

Last week, Microsoft set the stage for the Samsung for the announcement of the agreement for push-to-talk feature in Teams. They have said that the new feature will only be available to a limited set of customers.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, at the end of third quarter, has said that the company had 200 million active users of Office 365 commercial. He also said that the company has been investing heavily in the development and marketing of Teams.

The 6.3-inch Galaxy XCover Pro is durable and can survive falls from as high as 1.5 meters, or about 4.9 feet. It has a replaceable battery and runs on Android and Samsung’s Knox security software. The device can immediately start a conversation just by using push-to-talk button. The physical buttons were designed by Samsung so they could be customized, said Taher Behbehani, head of the mobile unit for Samsung America.

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