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If you ever find yourself in a discussion with a business analyst, you are likely to have heard them talk about their self-awareness and what it takes to become an expert in a particular area. This is my take on how that discussion can go.

I would say that it has to do with self-awareness because you don’t just become an expert in something you are good at. You become an expert in what you know and how you know it. If you just became an expert in all of your personal skills, then you would probably be pretty bored with it. Now you have to become an expert in how you use that knowledge to make things better for your clients and other people.

I would agree that being an expert in business is a rather different thing than being an expert in accounting or finance or real estate. It is a much different skill set because you have to think outside of the box and try to meet the needs of multiple parties simultaneously. It is also a much different skill set in that you have to know a lot of different languages and processes so you are much more likely to get the same results. But to me, it is also the same thing.

I do believe that there are still those out there whose specialty is business and finance or real estate. But then again, it’s not like they’ve found any real expertise in these field.

I tend to agree. I think that there are certain areas where a skill set can be useful and others where a skill set can be useless. I think this should be easy to understand because there are many of us that are into this field and we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. But for a lot of us, it’s very difficult to stay on top of the latest techniques and to learn the best practices.

I think we can be both, but definitely not in every area of expertise. I think that there are a lot of us that are passionate about certain areas but feel like we arent as good at other fields. This is something that we should all keep in mind. Most people tend to specialize and that can be a good thing in some areas but bad in others, and it is up to us to decide where we want to dedicate our time and effort.

I think it’s all about the personalization. I think people want to be able to do something that they love. For example, if you have a passion for baking you probably wouldn’t want to work in a bakery, I think you would want to work at a bakery anyway because you love baking. The same is true for graphic design. I think that everyone wants to be doing what they love.

For some people, that means graphic design. For others it might mean art. For others it might mean anything. But for the vast majority of us, graphic design is a part of our identity. There are a lot of people though that don’t have the same type of passion that I do. I think that’s okay. You can change your passions over time.

I think this is a great quote from a recent article in Forbes called “How You Should Be Doing Your Best Work.” It’s about how if you work and love what you do, you should never give up because you don’t want to be a day-job.

We all have our own creative “stunts”, and we all know that our work lives are very different from one another. We all have a different take on what defines “best work”. Personally, I think that for sure one of the best ways to be productive and efficient is to actually read what you’re writing or drawing. Reading helps me remember what I wanted to say, and I’m able to come back to ideas in my head faster.


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