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I have never been a fan of the nlp business. While I believe it provides some benefits, it is just too hard to be effective. I have always had trouble trying to apply the nlp when I need them. I have been around a lot of people in nlp and it has always been a little tricky to know when to apply it and when not to.

I know how you feel. At one point in my career, I was so anxious about using nlp to help my clients understand things that I kept my client files locked in a safe room so I would never have to see them. This was in order to protect myself from the anxiety that comes from having someone else see information that I don’t want them to see. It was a little silly, but it was the same thing.

I would argue that nlp is more helpful when you have an idea of what the problem is. When you have a vague idea of what the problem is and you’re not sure if you can fix it, nlp can be helpful. So if you’re going to do nlp, first ask yourself if the client has an idea of what the problem is. Then ask yourself if you have the tools to fix it. Then you can start solving it.

The nlp business practitioner is the person in the business that has the tools to solve the problem. Its not always easy to tell what tools you have unless you ask the client.

the nlp business practitioner is the person that takes the time to ask the client what the problem is, then solves it, then takes the client’s tools and works them into the solution.

This is all too true, but when you are in business, you need to be a bit more careful about who you hire. Many of the people who are the very best nlp practitioners are probably the most incompetent ones. It’s not uncommon for the very best nlp practitioners to be terrible at nlp. For example, this last client of mine, who was a great nlp practitioner, had a nightmare where he was trying to diagnose a client’s problem (a bad car insurance policy).

As anyone who watched my nlp training will know, I am a fan of the very best nlp practitioners. But I am not a fan of the very best nlp practitioners. The very best nlp practitioners know that they are terrible nlp practitioners. They tend to give themselves all the credit and all the glory for their great work. But they are not the only ones who are bad at nlp.

I know that I am way too negative about nlp. I just think it’s because I have had so much success with it. But nlp is so complex and so incredibly hard. It is so much more than just a set of exercises. There are no shortcuts. As I said earlier, I have had a great deal of success with it, but it is a very specific skill that requires a lot of practice and a lot of knowledge.

I think what the nlp people miss out on the most is that even though people have been giving it so much praise lately, the game itself is still a work in progress. It’s a game that gets better with every new player. There are so many steps that have to be taken to make a great nlp player.


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