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I’ve been reading news for the last few days about this shooting in Aurora, Colorado. The video of the shooting is on YouTube, so you can see what happened. My brother and I came up with a cool idea for a “Dress Like a Ninja” shirt.

People have been getting pretty upset about this video. I was thinking that the video was too graphic or violent, that it was too sudden, and maybe that theres enough of a video for a shirt, but as a person with a lot of self awareness, I don’t think so. I am certain that some things would have gone differently if the video had been more subtle.

I didn’t think the video would ruin the shirt, but that’s what the shirt looked like. But it was more like a cartoon. In the video, the guy who was shooting was really a guy who was trying to kill his way through a semi-familiar area. I didn’t have to worry about the video’s effect on the shirt…

The video has two good scenes where the guy with the gun is the shooter. The first scene, which is really interesting, is the guy with the gun in the scene, but the guy with the gun is trying to assassinate a group of humans. The second scene, which was just for fun, is the guy with the gun on the other side of the video. The guy who shot the guy with the gun is a white guy with green eyes.

This is one of the few times I can legitimately say the video is worth the $10. I have so many video’s to watch…

Speaking of videos, I’m not sure we’ll ever get to the end of this one. It’s not like we’re going to watch the whole thing through, but it’s very, very long.

No one knew who the guy with the gun was, but we did later find out he’s from South America. It turns out this guy was one of the two people who made the video about him. So it’s not like this video wasn’t worth watching.

This video is in the same vein as the earlier gun video, featuring the same two people who made the video about him. In this one, however, they all have guns. Also, in this video, they all show up in a really weird looking location. That’s not all. We also find out that one of the people in this video is a girl. This is the same guy who made the gun video, but with a girl.

This is the same video that was previously seen in a picture. But this time, the girls are in dresses, and they look like they’re really into them. The one with the gun is also in a dress.

Now, the only two people who didn’t have guns are both in dresses. They are, however, in very different places. The gun-wielding girl goes to a place where she has a gun and a dress, and the guy with the girl in dresses goes to a different place that has a very different look. They’re also in very different places.


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