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The term “nascent” technology is often used to describe the way technology has taken off in the last decade or so. Before that, there was the old model where technology was invented and created by a bunch of engineers and scientists, and then the rest of us had to discover and learn how to use it. The process of discovering and learning to use technology is a multi-year learning process and the results will be a mixture of good and bad.

And we’re still learning. To do that we have to start by being very open to change and to experimenting. This doesn’t mean we stop learning every day, but at least we’re learning how to do it.

This is not to say we will stop learning. There is nothing here that would prevent the discovery of future technologies. Rather, we are saying that we are learning how to do something new. Because the process of technology discovery starts as a process of trial and error (and often failure) and ends with the discovery of a new technology.

We’re talking about something that we’re not sure whether we will ever even know what it is. We are talking about the process of the discovery of technology, and the process of the invention of a new technology. We are talking about the discovery of technological innovation, not the discovery of what technology to invent.


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