Following the latest trends to look super stylish is what everyone dreams of. The world of fashion is witnessing its best era ever, where women and men do not follow gender stereotypes. Fashion today has become more of “what you want to wear” than “what you should wear”. And one such unconventional attire is tunic shirts for men, a blend of unconventionality and sophistication. 

Talking about variety, for over many decades and even centuries, it was mostly who women enjoyed the privilege of fashion and style. While women got to experiment a lot, men were stuck with the same old trousers and shirts.

But the world of fashion is changing rapidly. Today, even men have a plethora of styles to choose from and experiment with. A “tunic” had been a women’s thing for ages but today, you can find the most trendy tunics and tunic shirts for men that look absolutely amazing. Get your hands on a tunic shirt today if you want to be that fashionista every man desires to be.

Trendy Tunic Shirts For Men To Rock Every Occasion

It’s about time you stop wearing those boring shirts and t-shirts. It is time to experiment with something absolutely new and equally fashionable. Tunic shirts for men are the latest sensation, with men rocking in these shirts on every occasion and stealing gazes from everyone. As simple and sophisticated as they are, tunic shirts are gaining all the attention whenever they are paired with formals or casuals. 

Originating from ancient Greece, tunics were popular among both men and women. With centuries passing, tunics became more of a women’s thing, and slowly began losing their popularity. It was again in the modern era, that tunics began to get popular as ever. Now men have the privilege to look classy and elegant in tunic shirts.

Styling Tunic Shirts

Whether you pair them with your favourite jeans or super cool shorts, or classy trousers, tunic shirts for men can have no comparison. From solids to pastels, from ethnic to casual, from printed to stripes, tunic shirts are available in every preference of yours. What matters the most for sheer comfort is the fabric or the quality. And to agree with that, trendy tunic shirts are available in cotton and linen. Also, tunic shirts with collars can prove to be an ideal outfit for every kind of occasion. 

To pull off a casual look, you can pair a round-neck tunic shirt with jeans, shorts, cargo, and even track pants, do not forget to add glasses and a cool watch. Your choice for shoes also has to be casual, it can be sneakers or any stylish covered shoe of your choice.

For a formal party or a festival at home, collared tunic shirts for men are an ideal choice. You can pair them with pajamas or trousers to bring out that ethnic look.

You can find a wide assortment of tunic shirts in collections by designers like Ritu Kumar, Wendel Rodricks and Puro Cosa. They come in different styles and colours, and something to suit every body type. So start shopping!



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