In March 2012, a flute was found in the ruins of a Roman villa in the town of Ullomun, Italy. It was dated to be constructed on the 4th century AD. It’s size makes it one of the largest Roman musical instruments ever found.

Ullomun is one of the few locations in Europe where the flute has been found as well as the only one with a preserved flute. It was found in a room of a villa that would have been used by a wealthy Roman aristocrat. This is probably why the flute was so rare until Roman times.

The story of the flute is pretty interesting, but it’s difficult to get people on board with it. While the flute was found in Italy, it was only discovered in the U.S. in 2008. This isn’t a huge deal (for a few reasons) because Italy has a long history of discovery of ancient artifacts. It’s just that Italy is a lot more famous for its ancient history than the United States is.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Roman flute is still being found in the United States today. The Roman flute is in the Museum of American History, and if you go to the museum’s main display you can buy a flute to take home.

There’s an interesting historical twist in the discovery of the flute. It was found in a former military base in Italy that was abandoned during the Second World War and it’s believed that it was used as a medical treatment by an Italian military man after he was wounded in action. As a result, the flute’s owner took it to a doctor in the United States and the doctor made the flute part of his practice.

Just as a side note, the flute was apparently made with the intention of it being used to transport prisoners, but the prisoners were too dumb to know how to use it.

As it turns out, it’s been found buried in the sand near a beach in Italy, not far from the location of the former military base. A flutist of sorts, the flute player was apparently a prisoner of war, and his flute was used to transport him to and from the beach. It was likely used to transport him either to the beach or to the hospital in the United States.

That, and the fact that the flute player was played by a man known as the “Flute King.” I don’t know about you, but I like to think I’ve seen a bunch of flutes, but no one has ever told me what they sound like.

As a flute player, the flute player had a lot of reasons to want to be in the American hospital. The first reason that I can think of is that he was a POW. The second reason is that he had been treated by the hospital for a while and was therefore a “good” patient. The third reason is that he was in Italy, where flutes are very popular, and the fourth reason is that he had a flute.

The reason for my first reason is that my name is Antonio and I was a POW. The reason for my second reason is that I was in Italy, where flutes are very popular, and the reason for my third reason is that I had a flute. The reason for my fourth reason is that I was in an Italian hospital and the reason for my fifth reason is the flute I played in Italy.


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