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This is a great article that I was recently published in a print magazine. It has been discussed on many forums, blogs, etc. I have found that many of us are not self aware, and if you want to be a part of this, you should take this article very seriously. I suggest that you read the entire article below, it is quite long, and I really want you to take your self-awareness to the next level.

I read this article and it went through me like a train. I was so outraged by what I saw that I called my friend about it, and he said he would show me the article in the next day or so. Now, I knew what I was supposed to have done because I read it in the article, but I felt that I had to have the courage to do it, because it was so self-aware.

You were right to call your friend, because it is very self-aware. It just took a lot of work and energy to finish. You can’t blame your friend for feeling compelled to read it, because he has no choice. I am sure he will feel the same way next time he wakes up and decides to do something that annoys people.


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