These are the pictures I take each day, and I’m not talking about the “I took this” kind either. I mean the more everyday snapshots of people, places, and things that seem to have no purpose, but are important to me.

In fact, the first time I ever took a photo that was important to me was when I was in high school in the late 80s. One of my most prized possessions was a camera, and I had a few different models to choose from. I ended up getting an SLR, the cheapest camera at the time, and it was a real beauty. I took a lot of pictures with it.

Most of the photos I took were of people and places I’d been, and I think in high school I took around 100 shots. There are still photos of me, and some of my family, that I have to hide from my wife. And there are photos of my dog that I have to hide from my wife, or from any of my friends.

So, camera, I’ve taken so many photos of you too, and I’m sorry that I can’t be there to look at you any more. But I’m hoping that my wife will be able to see some of the photos I took with my camera when I’m gone. So she can see that I’m still with her in the future.

I would be happy with having all of our photos on here and that she could see them. But I would be happy if she only saw the ones that I chose for her to see. So I would have to think of other things that I would like her to see, when I am gone.

It sounds like you haven’t chosen your photos for your wife to see. That’s understandable. But it is also understandable that you have decided to keep important things from her. The thing is, there are other things you should be sharing with her too. Like photos of the flowers you have given her. It’s okay to not want everyone to see your photos, but you should also be able to give her photos of the things that remind you of her.

If you’re using an app like Instagram or Facebook, you don’t want a camera that takes notes. Its not like it’s going to be so easy to get photos or videos of your day. Its hard to remember all the moments that you are about to miss. If you want to share your life with your wife, you need to use things like paper, a note book, or a memory card. You could even put a photo of her on a piece of paper that you are holding.

If you want to know where your wife is at the exact moment you are about to have dinner with her – then that is your responsibility. You may even want to make it a daily reminder. If you want to know what she is wearing or what she is eating, that is your responsibility too. If you are going to be a really great husband, you need to make sure that your wife uses her brain a lot.

A note for self-improvement gurus: while it’s often said that you can’t improve your life unless you change your way of thinking about things, sometimes you just have to change the way you think about things.

Like a lot of her behaviors, this is the kind of thing that could come out of an episode of Housewives, the way she uses the camera is a huge clue to who she is and what she is thinking, and it is a good thing that is not something you have to see right now.


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