I’m not sure exactly why the transfer from borderlands to borderlands 2 is so bad, but it definitely is. The fact is, when playing borderlands, you have to transfer your inventory from the main map to the side map. This is a great way to get the most out of your inventory, but it’s important to remember that you can’t have inventory on the main map and inventory on the side map.

The first time I played borderlands 2, I was playing it on a PlayStation 3, then I swapped it to a PlayStation 4. I can’t remember if I had to transfer my inventory from the side map to the main map or not.

The way to transfer your inventory between your two consoles is to go to the bottom right corner of the main map, and click the save icon. Now go to the main map, and click the save icon. This will take you to the bottom left corner of the main map, and then you can click the save icon.

I did just that and did the transfer and I got all the saves. So it appears that you can just click the save icon on the main map, which will transfer your inventory to the side map.

The best way to transfer saves from PS3 to PS4 is to open a terminal on one of your consoles, and type “C:ps3” into the terminal. Now you can go to the main map and click the save icon, and it will transfer your inventory to the side map.

If you choose to do this, you will be asked where you would like a folder called PS3_to_PS4. This is the folder you should place all your saves in. The folder should be named like this: PS3_to_PS4/saves. You can find more information on the PS3_to_PS4 folder in this blog post.

While it’s not a perfect solution, it is the best way to transfer saves to and from PS4. Just make sure to use the correct folder for your save. For example, if your PS3 saves are on the main menu, you should delete the PS3_to_PS4 folder and place it in the PS4_to_PS3 folder.

You can also delete the PS3_to_PS4 folder and move the saves into PS4_to_PS3. This will also work for PS Vita and Wii. Once you’ve made the switch to PS4, you can then copy your saves to PS3 to make the transition smoother.

This is a great solution because it’s incredibly easy to do. Just start by copying over your saves from PS3 to PS4. Then you will need to copy over the save files from PS4 to PS3. You need to do this because PS3 saves can get corrupted if you try to import them. This solution is a good one because it eliminates the risk of losing your saves, and it’s also a nice way to have your saves work across multiple platforms.

There’s also a great method to take advantage of this process, and that is to have an online save manager. This allows you to import the saves from PS3 to PS4 using online save managers, and then copy the saved data over to PS3. Then if you want to go back and import your saves from PS3 to PS4, you just need a quick way to connect your PS3 and your PS4.


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