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I’m amazed at how many local news anchors work a 40 hour week. It doesn’t have to be that bad. I’m not saying that you can’t do a good job, but you should be prepared for a long day and also keep a sense of humor about it.

That said, I think local news anchors are a great profession to have. You get to be a reporter in a very real sense. You can be in a location where the population is very receptive to your views. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but usually it only happens when you have a great story to tell.

I’ve worked for local news stations for the past six years, and I’m surprised at how little they make. They don’t seem to make much more than the minimum wage, and that’s not even mentioning overtime. A lot of the local news anchors I’ve worked with, whether I’m talking about a talk radio host or a local news anchor, are just trying to get their stories done.

Many local news anchors simply do not get paid enough to be on the air. In the U.S. alone, there are roughly 100,000 local news anchors. The average salary for a news anchor in the U.S. is $31,000. In other words, local news anchors make less than twenty-five cents an hour, and that is before taxes (i.e.

The average local news anchor in the U.S. makes 10% less than the average news anchor in a major city. So, its no surprise then that most local news anchors don’t make more than $11,000 per year.

The problem here is that local news anchors typically get paid about half what the average news anchor makes. That means they make less than $5 per hour. Which is a pathetic wage considering that most news anchors are actually professionals with degrees in journalism or radio broadcasting, and they can usually earn a decent living with their degrees.

This video shows how the average local news anchor makes, and it’s not at all what one would expect. Most news anchors make less than a third of what a local news anchor makes.

It’s funny because it all sounds so simple. Yet it’s a very complex, nuanced issue that can be very, very frustrating. I imagine that the reason we can’t seem to get a local news anchor to be a true professional is because they have the illusion that they’re somehow above the rest of us. They’re not. They’re just part of a lot of other people’s lives.

I am not saying that local news anchors don’t deserve their pay. I am saying that their pay is based on what they believe they are worth in a given industry. They are paid to be able to say what they believe to be the absolute truth about the world. If you think that local news anchors who say untruths are worth less than those who say the absolute truth, you are not thinking clearly.

The most important thing about local news anchors is that they are not paid their fair share. They are paid for what they believe to be the truth. But if you think they are worth less than the truth, then you have to take into consideration that a few people might be more trustworthy. In the case of local news anchors, that means that they are paid for what they say they believe to be the truth.


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