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In May, I interviewed Michael Bates with the Washington Post. He was one of the first individuals I met at a conference called “What Are You Doing Here?” back in 2008. Over the years, we have become friends and colleagues. His writing, voice, and enthusiasm for the world of education make him one of our kindest writers on the planet.

Michaela Bates is a great mom, wife, and daughter. She is a great mom to her three great children, Hannah, Zach, and Katelyn, and a great wife to her husband, Michaela. She is a great daughter to her parents, her grandparents, and her sisters, and a great granddaughter to her aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. Her heart is in the right place, and she is a wonderful person with a heart of gold.

Michaela is the first of our three children to go into the world of education. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in communication studies, and then went on to the University of Missouri where she earned her MBA. She also earned her B.A. in English literature at the University of North Carolina. Michaela is the second of our three children to go into the world of writing. She attended Berkley College of Music and has since joined the faculty at Boston College.

Michaela’s a huge Boston Magazine fan, so it was exciting to see that she was featured in last year’s issue. She’s also the founder of the Creative Writing Group at Boston College, and she teaches at the university’s creative writing program.

Michaela is in her 30s, which means she has a lot of life experience to draw from. The first book she wrote was a memoir titled The Book of Bad Dreams. The book was published in 2010, and has since become a movie. This led her to write and direct a series of short films called The Book of Bad Dreams Movie Project. In the past she has also written and directed an episode of the TV series Dark Matters, and a short film about the Boston Bombing.

In Michaela’s case, her background is a little less well known. She also has a background in comedy writing. In 2010 she wrote and directed a short film titled Batshoot which was shot in the Boston area and featured a scene that was later used in the book The Book of Bad Dreams.

Since the start of the series, there have been at least two more projects, and this one seems to have everyone talking about it. The first is a short set of five short films by Michaela Bates and a documentary about the Boston Bombing. She writes about the events of the Boston Bombing and a description of the attack which happened on the island, but she’s not focusing on it.

The second project is a documentary about the family of the victims of the Boston Bombing. It is called bates family news. It covers the events leading up to the Boston Bombing and the events after the attack that left the family homeless and in the hospital. It was written and directed by Michaela Bates herself, and is based on interviews with family members and people who were affected by the tragedy.

Michaela has a wonderful story about her dad, a well-known TV host who was killed by the bomb while watching a video of him at a party after the Boston Bombing. She doesn’t want to tell the whole story, but she does look forward to it.

Michaela Bates is a true-believing wife and mother who is still in shock and grief after the loss of her husband and now mother. She has a lot to say, and is as strong as ever.


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