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The news we were expecting has come into the world. Not in a good way, but in a way that we hoped wouldn’t happen at all.

The final episode of American Idol is set to air in a few months, and it is going to be one of the best American Idol episodes yet. The season finale last night was one of the most shocking episodes of Idol yet. It was brutal, brutal, brutal. And of course, the main reason is that the contestants have been lying to us. They never had the chance to tell us the truth, and now we are about to find out the real reason why.

The contestants on the show have been lying to us for so long that we just accepted it. We didn’t even realize we were lying until it was too late. The one thing we were all hoping for this season was that there would be some kind of “truth.” We were sure that this season would be different, but this season just feels like a repeat of last season.

The show producers are probably already going to be asking for answers from the contestants, but I hope that they don’t ask them why they were lying to us. I’d rather not have a repeat of last season.

I know american idol has a really bad reputation, but I really hope the producers make the right move and fire them. The show has been on the air for two seasons, and now there are only 10 episodes left. They should have at least fired the first two of the five producers that left. That would have been the end of american idol, but now it’s getting worse.

I know american idol is notorious for its production issues, but I think a new producer would be good. Also, I am still hoping that the show will be cancelled. Id really hate to see it go though, because I feel that it is one of the few shows that can still be used as a reference for something.

The show is also notorious for being so bad that there are rumors that it is just one in a long line of shows and media that have become just as bad. So yeah, I hope american idol gets scrapped. But if they really want to get rid of it, I hope someone comes up with a new and better show.

The deathloop is a great example of this, and I think by doing so it might be a little bit better to have it go out. However, at the risk of sounding like a horror show, let’s see if the show will ever get out of the way.

According to Billboard, the sad news is that the third season of american idol has been cancelled. What a shame. The show’s third season is set to premiere on Tuesday, so it’s still quite possible it will be around when it should be. So for the time being fans of the show should know that it will probably never be back.

This is not the first time American idol has been cancelled. In 2010 the show was cancelled after five seasons. In 2011 the show was also cancelled after three seasons. The reason it was cancelled in 2010 was due to the fact that the show was being done by a company that didn’t share their values. However, it was also cancelled because they were given the greenlight to do it and also because the show was cancelled due to the fact that the show had no fan base.

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