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What is the star of Bethlehem?

It’s a question that has perplexed theologians, astronomers, and historians for centuries.

In this blog post we will explore what may be the most plausible answer to date.

The Bible tells us very little about it; only its appearance in Matthew chapter two: “And they saw the star when it rose.”

(Matthew 24) From there on out scripture offers no explanation as to why or how it appears. So what does ancient history say?

Star of Bethlehem is known as Christmas Star.

It is said in the ancient history that wise men traveled from the east are inspired by the star to travel to Jerusalem.

They met king Herod of Judea and asked him “who has born as the king of Jews.”

It was interpret as a prophecy from the Book of Micah that Jewish Messiah would be born in Bethlehem to the south of Jerusalem.

The king’s secret intention was to kill Messiah in order to preserve his own kingship and asked all the wise men to return their way home.

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The star leads them to Jesus birthplace Bethlehem, where they worshiped and gave him gifts. Many theologians believed that star completed the prophecy.

This is all about the history of star of Bethlehem.


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