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There are many different types of tires that you can purchase for a standard passenger vehicle.

Let’s take a look at the most common tire types and what they are used for:

Car Tires: Car tires do not have treads on them.

So they should only be used on smooth surfaces like asphalt or concrete to prevent tearing up the surface material.

These tires typically come in two varieties: summer and winter.

Summer tires are designed to provide maximum traction while maintaining a comfortable ride in warm weather environments.

Such as those found in Arizona or Florida during the spring and summer months.

Whereas winter tires have more aggressive tread patterns which help with grip.

When driving over snow-covered roads, ice patches, or other slippery conditions.


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Winter tires also have a lower profile to keep the tire from getting stuck in snow or slush, and they typically come with an “M&S” (mud and snow) rating.

Tires for SUVs: SUV tires are usually larger than car tires as they need to be able to endure more weight when carrying passengers over rough terrain such as unpaved roads.

The most common type of tire on these vehicles is called an all-terrain or AT tire.

Because it has specially designed tread patterns that help dig into mud, dirt, gravel, sand dunes, etc.

While also providing good traction on paved surfaces like highways or city streets.

This makes them perfect for someone who often drives off road but occasionally needs their vehicle’s performance capabilities on.


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