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There are many reasons for having life insurance.

The most common reason is to provide a financial safety net for your family.

In the event of your death. But who is this benefit actually going to?


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The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is typically the person who receives payments from the policy’s proceeds should you die.

This can be anyone, but it usually falls on someone that you love and care about deeply, like a spouse or child.

If you want to make sure that this person will receive money when something happens to you, then choosing them as your beneficiary is an important step!

A spouse who is named the beneficiary of a life insurance policy would ordinarily be.

But in some cases there are other considerations to take into account.

For example, if you live abroad and have an American-based employer that provides your coverage.

Then you might want to keep this situation in mind.

If foreign laws require that non-citizens (including spouses) obtain their own coverage before immigration or naturalization can occur.

Then it’s worth reviewing how naming someone as your insurer will affect them financially should anything happen to you.

If they’re unable to get their own policies because of these requirements and cannot move back home with you for any reason.

Then considering what happens when two people buy separate policies becomes important again.


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